How to Make a Paracord Bracelet [Easy]

Easiest Way to Make a Paracord Bracelet (Cobra Knot)

The Cobra Paracord Bracelet is a great place
to start for beginners. You begin the Cobra as you would most paracord bracelet projects.

A good in-depth guide for starting your first Paracord Bracelet that I found helpful can be found here
Step 1: To create a bracelet without a buckle use a tied loop of paracord measured to the length of your wrist (mine requires about 8 inches).

Step 2: Fuse two pieces of paracord together by lighting both ends with a lighter and pushing them together. You need about 10ft total so 5ft of each color fused together. (This creates the two color paracord bracelet as opposed to one color).

Step 3: Setup the paracord on a paracord jig (like the wooden one pictured to the left). And run the fused paracord under your loop of paracord.

Step 4: Now you will begin the Cobra knot. First, move one color overtop of the core loop as pictured to the left. Next, take your second color and move it overtop of the first color strand of paracord but under the core loop.

Step 5: From this point you need to pull your second strand through the loop created by the first strand of paracord. Then pull it tight. You will now repeat step 4, but ensuring the same color is placed overtop and the same color underneath. It will alternate between the right and left as you continue the cobra knot.

Step 6: When you have made it to the bottom of your core paracord loop, you will need to cut both paracord strands and fuse them together like in step 2.

TIPS - For starting your first paracord bracelet

Learning how to make a paracord bracelet can be a little challenging at first.

Don't give up if you find yourself getting stuck! Creating your own paracord bracelet takes time to get it right. Just keep going at it and you will eventually be able to make your own bracelet in no time.

After you get the hang of doing the cobra knot bracelet, the easiest bracelet you can make, you can begin trying out some other bracelet designs and paracord projects.

When you measure your wrist to decide how long the bracelet should be, make sure you don't over estimate or under estimate your wrist length.

Be as precise as possible and give only two fingers or so distance between your wrist and the paracord bracelet.

Starting out, it can be tough to get measuring your wrist just right. Many newbies end up with to large of a bracelet because of over compensating for giving some breathing room. Be precise and trust your original measurement.

Starting a paracord bracelet usually doesn't look very close to the intended result until at least 3 or so knots have formed.

If it looks like your not doing it correctly in the beginning, try at least three knots and if its still not looking right, you may need to restart the project.