How to create a Paracord Bracelet Project

Are you a beginner Paracordist? ParacordPals can help.
We’ve put together a great tutorial for the easiest paracord bracelet called the cobra paracord bracelet. We’ve also compiled a list of beginner paracord resources¬†for starting out your paracord adventure.

Paracord – Nylon that evolved

Paracord is short for parachute cord, used for suspension lines on parachutes. Invented during WWII, by Wallace Caruthers, the inventor of Nylon. Paracord’s uses have expanded into survival bracelets, tools, etc.

Use paracord for survival Utility

Paracord can be used for many survival activities like building a shelter, escaping an island by paracord raft, or climbing a tree. Keeping a paracord bracelet on allows you to keep this stuff handy in case of emergency.

Awesomeness by Nature

Paracord is so versitile and strong that it can be used for so many things. Thats why we at ParacordPals seek to teach you and share with you the many paracord projects and uses that make it so awesome!

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